Choose a Capabiliti Wizard for Sales Training & Assessment

DIY & Ready-to-use templates available for Single Use or Subscription

DIY Wizards

Sales Training

The most effective approach to sales training – Easily deploy engaging content in minutes. Know More

Product Training

The simplest way to train your sales reps on new product features and updates. Know More

Ready-to-use Assessments

Communication Skills Assessment

Being able to communicate effectively is the most important life skill of all. Test your teams on their communication skills with this basic sales training/assessment. Know More

Negotiation Skills Assessment

The ability to negotiate well is crucial for success in the business world. Test the negotiation skills of your employees with this – No sales training is complete without this! Know More

Customer Service Capability Test

Scale the current customer service efficiency of your team with this simple ready-to-use assessment. This sales training module is crucial for customer success and service teams. Know More

Sales Capability Assessment

A simple way to develop and strengthen your frontline staff so that more value can be delivered to your clients. The most direct sales training module! Know More

Ready-to-use Surveys

Engagement Pulse Survey

Measure the “health” of your organization when it comes to attitudes of employees towards their work and colleagues. Roll out this survey in minutes! Know More

Client Satisfaction Survey

Are you sure you are making the right decisions when it comes to handling key business of your company? Knowing what your employees and clients think of your decisions is extremely important. Know More

More wizards coming up shortly…

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- Abhishek Joshi, Head L&D, IndiaMART

2fb1e97"Capabiliti is so easy to use, and the insights it provides are amazing!”

- Vishal Manchanda, VP L&D Indus Towers