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DIY Wizards

Compliance Training

The quickest way to get your organization 100% compliant. Avoid legal costs, get everything.Know More

Ready-to-use Assessments

Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace

A generic assessment with regards to the policies of prevention of sexual harassment at workplace. Know More

Professional Communication and Mannerisms

The quickest way to find out if your employees know the basics of office manners and etiquette. Know More

Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace – US

An assessment with regards to the policies of prevention of sexual harassment at workplace in the US. Know More

Ready-to-use Surveys

Team and Department Satisfaction Survey

Measure the “health” of your organization when it comes to attitudes of employees towards their work and colleagues. Roll out this survey in minutes! Know More

Line Manager Feedback

Most people leave their jobs not because of anything else but their managers. Are your employees happy with their supervisors? Conduct this survey and find out. Know More

Employee Exit Survey

Employee exit surveys are more important than you think. Such surveys give out the most important details about the current strengths and weaknesses of organizations when it comes to employee satisfaction. Know More

Feedback on Management Performance

Leaders of a company can make or break it. In fact, leadership has been cited as one of the top challenge by HR managers everywhere. Know how your management is performing with this survey. Know More

Employee Benefits Survey

Survey for those who manage benefits of an organization or work in HR – to see if employees are really happy with what they are getting, to make sure they stay loyal. Know More

Employee and Work Engagement Survey

The level of employee engagement in your organzation could define your success. Roll out this survey that lets you peek into the actual health of your organization. Know More

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