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“Capabiliti cut down our training rollout time by 90%”

                                                    ~ VP HR of a telecom client  Find out more

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Features and Benefits

No IT Support

Create and deploy training, assessments and on-boarding content without any IT support. You want to know why? Because it should have nothing to do with talent management.

Scaled Customization

Capabiliti is available to you and your users in white-labeled, customized, branded apps on web and mobile that work at any scale regardless of your team size, to enable seamless talent management on any device or form-factor.

Roll Out In 30 mins

Capabiliti allows you to turn your existing videos, PPTs, assessments into effective learning tools and roll them out in less than 30 minutes, so that you meet all your talent management deadlines!

Seamless Integration

Capabiliti integrates seamlessly with your existing HRIS/HRMS or LMS, at the minimum time and the least cost, so that you are able to extend your talent management solutions to your frontline users effectively, sans the large costs involved.

Complete Data Security

You should own your content. We encrypt your data and secure its flow, so that no one can download, copy or share it without your consent. And you focus on what you do best - managing your talent!

Pay As You Use

Choose the best plan according to your team size and requirement. Add users ad-hoc, and pay only for active users. Small things like these make Capabiliti talent management platform a great value!

Some of our happy customers

Latest Resources

How a large telecom operator trained 13000 frontline users in 15 days at 1/5th the cost

Capabiliti helped a large Telecom Operator train and engage their remote frontline staff while integrating with existing talent management systems, allowing them to extend their talent management solutions to everyone, and analyze the data centrally.

A large Telecom Infrastructure company increased its employee engagement dramatically

Capabiliti talent management platform was deployed by a telecom infrastructure company to engage its remote technicians and field force. The result? A 65% jump in employee engagement, 22% increase in employee satisfaction, and new hires becoming productive in half the time.

The ultimate guide to Performance Management

The first-ever ultimate guide to performance management. It covers the basics, the problems around deploying performance management tactics, global trends, a checklist to ensure you’re doing it right and much more. Free download available only on capabiliti.co!

- Abhishek Joshi, Head L&D, IndiaMART

2fb1e97"Capabiliti is so easy to use, and the insights it provides are amazing!”

- Vishal Manchanda, VP L&D Indus Towers